Permaculture Living

BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE… with Permaculture!

Creative Oasis is an LLC created by Drew & Kristie Harper for the purpose of developing  & promoting: Sustainable Agriculture, Practical & Fine Arts, Natural & Alternative Building, Education & Holistic Living & Permaculture Community.

Drew & Kristie Harper received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from George Fox University, and spent 20+ years self- employed painting Murals and doing Residential/ Commercial Painting. They have experience in Alternative Building, Straw Bale Construction, Ferrocement, Cobb/Adobe, Greenhouse Growing, Plant Nursery, Rainwater Collection, and other aspects of Sustainable Living. Kristie studied Permaculture under Geoff Lawton of PRI where she received her Permaculture Design Certification. 

REGENERATION NATION is a Permaculture Community Model that structures personal and business success in Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Building, Practical & Fine Arts and Eco Tourism, by recruiting experts, utilizing collective resources, providing Recreation & Amenities, offering Education, Workshops, Classes and Hands-on-Training Opportunities in a unique Eco-Resort type settingThis Design creates entry points for new and aspiring Farmers on small scale lots, and helps establish an engaging and successful experience by generating a strong knowledge base to support, educate, & provide hands on experiences for both Residents & Agri-Tourists. The Design also includes 15 Collectively owned Recreational Acres with a Community Center, Exercise Facilities, Sand Volleyball Courts, Basketball Court, Playground, Horse/ATV/ Hiking trails, Fishing Pond, Natural/ Living Pool, etc. With a focus on Sustainable Agriculture and the Arts, Guests and Members alike will have the option to participate in many diverse Classes and Workshops in this unique setting.

Through REGENERATION-T we are highlighting your favorite aspects of the Permaculture Life, helping to create an avenue for people everywhere to join the conversation and promote the many incredible aspects of Sustainable Living- Alternative Building, Rainwater Harvesting, Urban Farming, Solar Energy, Rotational Grazing, Pastured poultry, Permaculture Design, & more!


Creative Oasis LLC is inclusive and open to all, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion or ability. It is a Christian business dedicated to communicating God’s love and value for all people, and upholding boundaries that protect the rights of all individuals. The Business, Community and Permaculture Developments are family-friendly, with an established code of dress and conduct in Common Areas that is appropriate for all age levels.

Come join us with project REGERNERATION NATION in beautiful Mid-Central Missouri.