REGENERATION NATION in Mid-Central Missouri

Why Missouri ? With CNBC ranking Missouri as one of America’s top 10 worst States to live in 2017, why would we ever choose this as the best location to develop our Permaculture Community Model? Cited for it’s rising crime rate, poor health and lack of inclusiveness, Missouri would seem a questionable pick. But it has some incredible assets that have escaped the attention of CNBC.

Since our family’s move to Missouri’s 6 years ago, we have often said that this place seems to be America’s “Best Kept Secret” with it’s beautiful, rich farmland (reminiscent of Oregon’s Willamette Valley), agricultural climate, and long growing seasons.  Missouri’s annual rainfall comes when you need it the most…SUMMER! With a mildly humid climate the land stays green from Spring until Fall. Most farmers here do not use ANY KIND of irrigation, but simply rely on periodic rains. Add to this package the complete absence of building codes, permits or restrictions in rural America, and you have the perfect place for sensible, economical construction of Sustainable and Alternative Buildings, Earthworks, Swales, Ponds, Dams, Rainwater Catchment, Greywater Systems, etc. Before we chose Missouri, we mapped Climate, Seasons, Agricultural Opportunities, Crime, Civic Freedoms, Bugs, Building Codes, Homeschool Laws, Land Values, Cultural Ethics, Gun Rights, Taxes, Raw Milk Laws, Business Regulations and more.

And yet, we have continued to puzzle over the same cultural roadblocks that CNBC noted in their study. Ultimately, these are the catylists that have lead us to believe that what is needed here, and throughout rural America, is a successful Model for establishing Permaculture Communities, which offer incredible opportunities to aspiring Sustainable Farmers, Artisans & Entrepreneurs and can bring awareness, educate, inspire, generate a healthy local food supply and teach others to do the same.

However, not all of Missouri is noted for CNBC’s criteria. The Cooper Hills Development is located only 35 min from Columbia, MO, a family-friendly town of about 110,000 people, home of University of Missouri (Mizzou), Stephens College and Columbia College, known for a culture of music, art, farm-to-table food and…listed by Forbes as one of the “top 10 best small places for business and careers”. Besides, where else in America can such amazing land value and living opportunity, be coupled with these kinds of community resources & business support?

REGENERATION NATION Community Model Benefits Include

  • Individually owned 5+ acre Lots.
  • Collective Ownership & use of 15 Community Acres and Amenities.
    • Sand Volleyball Courts
    • Basketball Court
    • Playground
    • Horse/ATV/ Hiking trails
    • Pristine Hardwood Forest
    • Fishing Pond
    • Natural/ Living Pool
    • Community Center
    • Exercise Facilities
  • Driveway/ electric/ to site.
  • Community sponsored rebate for installation of a complete rainwater collection system.
  • Build any type of Sustainable, Alternative or Conventional home structure, permit and inspection-free.
  • Construct ponds, swales & other earthworks, permit & inspection-free.
  • Utilize conventional or sustainable waste disposal methods, permit-free.
  • Free fishing/ hunting license issued by the State of Missouri, to each member of your household (6+yrs) with ownership of 5 or more acres.
  • Right to farm or conduct any kind of lawful business from your own property.
  • Right to sell raw milk and all farm products from your own farm.
  • Entire community GMO & pesticide free
  • Local Resident Eco-Farmer & Artisan experts
  • Member Prices On
    • Sustainable Ag Workshops
    • Alternative Building Workshops
    • Hands on Learning Experiences -Permaculture and Art Classes
    • ATV/ Fishing Boat rental
    • Other activities.
    • RV Campground
  • Future Developments
    • Weekly On-Site Market
    • On Site Farm-to-table Restaurant
    • Commercial Opportunities

ONLY 28 lots available!

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