Rules, Regulations & CCR’s

HOA Rules, Regulations and CC&R’s


  • No GMO seeds, conventional pesticides or fertilizers.
  • All properties must be maintained, mowed or grazed to control noxious weeds. No noxious weeds will be purposely cultivated on any property. 
  • Owner must confine all animals to their own property with appropriate fencing/ housing.
  • No conventional animal confinement operations of any kind.
  • Humane treatment of all people and animals.


  • No mobile homes. Any other type of conventional or alternative building is permitted including shipping containers, grain silos or similar permanent structures.
  • All buildings must be erected at least 10 feet from all lot boundaries. No part of any structure may cross into the 10 foot boundary.
  • Primary use of RV allowed on your property for 6 months only during the primary home build. After that time, members may apply for an extension or use the RV Campground spaces at a monthly rate for members.
  • Only 2 vehicles are allowed to be parked in uncovered areas. All other vehicles and machinery must be kept in enclosed or covered areas. Only 1 RV may be parked in an uncovered area. Visiting vehicles (1 week or less) are excluded from these rules.
  • After the initial home construction, all building materials, farm, business and personal tools & materials must be kept in covered or enclosed areas. All bikes, & movable play equipment must be kept in covered or enclosed areas or behind the home.

Wastewater and Runoff

  • All wastewater must be appropriately contained & processed on your own property (including smell) and must not create any runoff or sanitation problem.
  • New earthworks cannot create a new run-off situation from your property onto any adjoining property (say one created a ditch that ran a focused stream onto one point of a neighboring property which would erode the neighboring property in a new way).


  • Property owners are subject to all laws of the land.
  • Growing & smoking marijuana is prohibited anywhere on the grounds even if it is legalized in Missouri unless prescribed by a physician.
  • Dress code in all common areas: Dress must be family friendly. All persons must wear shorts in all areas. All females must have their mid sections covered when wearing tank tops and swim suits. No strapless tops or dresses.
  • All food & animal processing, composting, waste disposal, etc must be done in a manner that does not create a waste or odor problem for neighbors.
  • Regular farm smells are to be expected.
  • Community compost area and community garbage dumpster provided by HOA.
  • Background checks necessary to purchase in this Community.